Stony Sugarskull: „The near-death experience made me do what I want to do“

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Stony Sugarskull, your latest EP release is called “Butterflies”. However, for some reason you seem to be more obsessed with turtles. Why didn’t you title your EP “Turtles” instead? Or “Stony Turtles”?

Oh – i just love turtles – i’m not really obsessed with them. The single is called Butterflies as it is written for spring and what spring brings about regarding feelings (also the time of its release).

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In “You Rock” you sing: “I wait until the glass pops out”. I know already some of the story. Would you mind to tell our readers and us a little bit more?

The song You Rock came into existence when my friend Gael was at my house – we both were jamming – he played the guitar and i sang to it. As i couldn’t play the guitar for half a year because of a bad car accident, i came up with these lyrics. During the car accident, the windscreen and right window smashed against me in 1,000 pieces of glass which my body rejected up to two years later. For example, i woke up and saw tiny pieces of glass coming out of my skin. So yeah, that’s what the lyrics are about. But I’m fine now 🙂

What did you change in your life after this near-death experience? Did you change anything at all?

Well, mostly I realized that life is precious and time passes very quickly which means you gotta do what you gotta do in your life. Listen to your inner voice and make dreams a reality regardless of society’s structure or financial seemingly strictures. The near-death experience made me do what I want to do – I quit my job and I create my life the way I like it.

You have a PhD?! You rock! What is the thesis you needed to defend?

Thank you. My PhD is about re-connection to your inner true self/nature through music (music as a healing therapy for your mind). It is based on the fact that the time of capitalism is ending and we’re responsible to create a new, better, healthy, more conscious society for our future generations. In order to survive as human beings, a synthesis of our technological progress and the trend of going back to nature (that’s why my EP is called Gaia – she’s mother nature – the first goddess human beings ever prayed to – and supposed to come back this century) is to be made.

You told me that you are currently working on a music video for Butterflies in and around Los Angeles. How did you experience the “City of Angels”?

I came to the City of Angels two years ago. I went to Levitation in Austin, Texas, and the Creation Factory took me to Los Angeles. We went on a roadtrip from Austin to Los Angeles through the desert of Phoenix (which you can see in my music video „Trust“). I was lucky and I feel very blessed to have met amazing people who welcomed me to the music family here.

What is the music video about?…and more importantly: when will it be released?

The music video is for the song „Butterflies.“ The song butterflies is about waiting or being patient for the right things in life to arrive. Some shoots are taken in the desert, at the Pacific ocean (Malibu), the Dresden Room (Hollywood) and Jim Morrison’s house (Laurel Canyon). We’re still working on it and hopefully we’ll finish it by mid/end of June. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you 🙂 

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