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  • Inicat Sessions and other live recordings

    We have created a playlist for you where you can watch all our live recordings of musical performances from different artists such as Maike Rosa Vogel, Mind Nine, Redlake Circus and many more! Consider sharing the playlist to support the artists and us. 🙂

  • The Lone John Harps: The meaning behind his songs

    The Lone John Harps, also known as Mathew, revealed the meaning behind his songs to us. We are always very happy to see people who simply try to live as if they are already free and start trying to do what they think they need to do in their lives but neveretheless reflect on their […]

  • Inicat Session with Maike Rosa Vogel and Nina Hynes

    We had such a great evening with Maike Rosa Vogel, Nina Hynes and all who came to the Inicat Session! Thanks to all of you! German: So ein schöner Abend mit Maike Rosa Vogel, Nina Hynes und all den vielen lieben Menschen, die zur Inicat Session gekommen sind! Danke euch! Uns hat das sehr viel […]

  • Inicat Session in Berlin on September 21 [Musicians wanted!]

    The Inicat Session will take place at Culture Container in Berlin on September 21. All performances will be recorded by 5 cameras. We will edit the live recordings afterwards so that you can use them for your own promo! Open stage afterwards! Sounds good? Leave a comment or mail if you want to participate: […]

  • Inicat Session at Culture Container in Berlin

    The Inicat Session will take place at Culture Container in Berlin on August 25. All performances will be recorded by 5 cameras. We will edit the live recordings afterwards so that you can use them for your own promo! Sounds good? Send us a pm or mail if you want to participate: Upload your […]

  • Multi-instrumentalists Raphy & Adry talk about „The Seven Times Down“ and new music video

    Raphy & Adry, you two are brothers, students of classical music, multi-instrumentalists and play together in one band. How did that happen? Raphy: In a pretty natural way: since we are brothers, we practiced a lot at home. One Time, seven years ago, I came to Adry’s Room with a Riff of ZZ TOP’s « Beer […]

  • Stony Sugarskull: „The near-death experience made me do what I want to do“

    Stony Sugarskull, your latest EP release is called “Butterflies”. However, for some reason you seem to be more obsessed with turtles. Why didn’t you title your EP “Turtles” instead? Or “Stony Turtles”? Oh – i just love turtles – i’m not really obsessed with them. The single is called Butterflies as it is written for […]

  • Interview with NO Darling

    Last time when we interviewed you on a beautifully sunny day in Berlin your project was called “NO!”. Why did you change the name to NO Darling? Kike (NO Darling): It was indeed a beautiful sunny day, we were carrying on with that name from the project NO! that we started with Oliver Simon, after we […]

  • Inicat goes international!

    Now, it is time for us to say „Hello“ to the world because Inicat goes international! Well, Inicat has been accessible before to all people with an internet connection but since English is accepted as lingua franca, we had to give in and translate all these beautiful German words (or should I say “Genglish”?) for […]

  • Neue Features und Gewinnspielaktion

    Wir wollen euch die Möglichkeit geben, so viel von eurer Musik mit der Welt kostenfrei zu teilen, aber dennoch die Infrastruktur bieten, die ihr braucht, um nötige finanzielle Unterstützung zu erhalten. Aus diesem Grund gibt es seit heute eine ganze Reihe an neuen Tools, die ihr dafür nutzen könnt und die wir euch im Folgenden […]

  • Empfehlung: „Healing Green“ von SoundPlanting

    Atemberaubende Klänge, die einen leicht in Trance versetzen können – Oli trifft mit seinem Projekt SoundPlanting einen Nerv der Zeit und spricht sich für Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltschutz aus. „Healing Green“ heißt das erste Album des noch recht jungen Künstlers, mit dem er den Schutz von uralten Buchenwäldern unterstützen will. Oli: „Im Laufe der Jahre hatte […]

  • Der „Triumph of Willpower“ von Scapegoat | Album des Monats Januar

    Euer Album „Triumph of Willpower“ ist ca. 80 Minuten lang geworden. Wer konnte die Finger nicht von seinem Instrument lassen und ist vor lauter Ideen nahezu explodiert?  Da ich alle Songs geschrieben habe, war das wohl ich 🙂 Das liegt daran, dass meistens eine neue Songidee entsteht, wenn ich die Finger am Instrument habe. Unsere […]